Monday, 15 August 2011

Wet Cowboys

                                            Size: 15 x 20 cms
                                            Media: Ink and watercolour on paper
                                            Pens: Hero 616 & Pentel waterbrush


                                           Size: 15 x 20 cms.
                                           Media: Ink,Graphite, watercolour on paper.
                                           Pens: Hero 616, Pentel waterbrush

                                                Size: 12 x 16 cms.
                                                Media: Ink on paper
                                                Pens: Lamy Al Star, Hero 616 and Pentel waterbrush

Continuing with the cowboys from the last post, I wanted to make some experiments using non-waterproof Ink for a change to see how it looked with a controlled wash of watercolour or just water. I usually stick to waterproof inks which do not run with a wash and the results can be fairly predictable. This ink will run and offers a less defined line,which when washed, will spread and mix with other colours altering form and feel.
I enjoyed doing this and will try using it again in future posts.



  1. oooo I love your cowboys and sheriffs.....super coooool dudes!! I like working with ink that runs when I do flower centers, how you showed the differences.


Thanks Guys!!