Wednesday, 30 October 2013

My Sweet Lord GH

                                                              Size: 21 x 29 cms
                                                              Media: Pen and Ink
                                                              Pen: Uniball Eye

Friday, 25 October 2013

Frankenstein on Cardboard (IF Creature)

                                                               Size: 24 x 37 cms
                                                               Media: Gouache on
                                                               Tools: Various brushes

Thought I'd make some art work to sell on my Etsy shop...(soon to open). This is a freehand painting that I did by eye (no tracing) on a bit of an old cardboard box. It took me quite a bit longer than I thought (7 or 8 hours probably). Painting in gouache, for the unaccustomed, is quite a task. You put some paint on and seem to lift an equal amount off. Its a balancing act...but one which you either love or hate, The good thing is that it dries quickly allowing fast(ish) production. The fact that its on cardboard means that I will let it go at a reasonable rate...It will also be cheaper to post. I'll also be printing out some of my pen work (cartoons) onto greetings cards made out of recycled brown kraft paper. I'm looking after the planet!!!..recycled everything!! If anyone is interested in buying this before the shop opens...send me an email for more details!

It is unframed and comes in the typical gouache matt finish...Varnishing ruins gouache. (its not a brilliant painting and lacks skills of good painters, but it is a Pen Mover original and will sell for a very fair price )... If it sells I'll post an edit here marking it as Sold!!!!

I am guessing that this weeks Illustration Friday theme will be Halloween on Friday I'll probably link this there..(unless the word is pretty).

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Poet (Henry Reed)

                                                               Size: 23 x 21 cms
                                                               Media: Ink on paper
                                                               Pen: Uniball Eye

I didn't like any of his poetry or quotes so I used my imagination in the speech bubble. (Edit: Some of his poetry is quite good actually...I just wrote this for effect!)

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Random Naked Woman

                                                           Size: 18 x 20 cms
                                                           Media: mixed
                                                           Pen: Uniball eye micro
                                                           & Prismacolor pencils

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Random Writers

                                                                 Size: 16 x 19 cms
                                                                 Media: Ink & watercolour
                                                                 Pens: Hero M86 &
                                                                 Pentel waterbush

"Which came first the intestine or the tape worm?"...  "Perhaps all pleasure is only relief."   William S.Burroughs