Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Hippopotamus 40

                               Size: 19 x 14 cms.
                               Media: Ink and watercolour on paper
                               Pens: Noodlers Flex Nib and Pentel waterbrush

My friend Judith asked me if I would draw her a Hippo as they are one of her favourite animals. I finally got around to drawing this one for her 40th Birthday which is in two weeks time. The Noodler's Golden Brown ink that I used was not as waterproof as I had expected and I tried to incorporate the brown stains into the watercolour. She likes the result and will get it framed when she returns to Ireland from her holiday in Spain.


  1. This is a really nice painting!

    What is stronger, a Hippopotamus or a Hypothalamus? :)

    PS. Your profile photo is new, very creative!

  2. Thanks Magyarix....If I was being chased...I would prefer to be chased by a hypothalymus than a Hippopotamus unless the hypothalymus actually belonged to the Hippopotamus.

  3. Love it.
    Your friend is very lucky!
    I don't know how I missed your last IF post - hilarious!!

  4. This is a nice painting, I especially like the interplay of approaches: line, tone and spatter.
    Palette is nice and subtle.
    good work!

  5. I like it. As Richard stated, the palette is very nice. I love such colors!

  6. I sure like the way this all turned out---that ink color looks fabulous !


Thanks Guys!!