Thursday, 24 September 2015


                            Size: album cover
                            Media: pen and ink
                            Pen: TWSBI

Got asked to do an album cover for a local very talented Band. My friend Spencer with the Mohawk has played guitar with some big names...Lulu, Ronan Keating and others.
I hope they use this or one of the others I did them.

Saturday, 1 August 2015


                                    Size: doesn't matter 
                                    Media: pen and ink
                                    Pen: sailor

Monday, 6 July 2015

Any one for tennis?

                                     Size: singles
                                     Media: ink and pen
                                     Pen: sailor

As its Wimbledon in England this week, thought I'd draw this little reminds me of school when a boy in my year got angry with his opponent's antics and threw his tennis racket hard across the net towards him....unfortunately it smacked him straight in the mouth....lots of set and detention.
This drawing is probably more sinister I was hoping!!

Friday, 19 June 2015

IF Small

                                    size: small
                                    Media: pen an ink
                                    Pen: sailor

Sunday, 7 June 2015

If Airborne

                                     size: reg 3
                                     Media: pen an ink
                                     Pen: sailor

Hatched from a seagull egg as a child, Pete had a relatively normal existence on a council estate. Apart from the wings and a habit of pooing on people's cars....people did stare rudely.

Friday, 29 May 2015


                                         Size: T
                                         Media: ink and watercolour
                                         Pen: Sailor

If there is a monster in the house, you can rely on TBOY! make him a cuppa.

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Dino doodle

                              Size: big
                              media : pen and ink
                              Pen: sailor

I post more regularly on Instagram nowadays rather than seems to be more active, but I'll still keep this blog going anyway...if you want to follow me on Instagram, there is a link up to the top right on the blog somewhere. This little guy was an Instagram quickie.
Thank for visiting my dusty little blog......Rod