Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Pecking order!

                                           Size: 11 x 16 cms
                                           Media: Indian Ink & watercolour on paper
                                           Pens: Noodlers flex nib fountain & pentel waterbrush

My parents are coming to visit us in Spain this week and I told my Dad on Sunday that I would give him his Father's day card when I see him here. I suppose its obvious...he is top of the pecking order! Well he is in Seville at the moment and he will be with us in Valencia this Thursday, so you get to see his card before him!

Saturday, 18 June 2011

IF Launch

                          Size: 24 x 32 cms
                          Media: Indian Ink & Watercolour on paper
                          Pens: Lamy Fountain, Noodler's Flex Fountain, Pentel waterbrush

                              Size: 23 x 32 cms
                              Media: Indian Ink & watercolour on paper.
                              Pens: As above.

                                       Size: 11 x 21 cms
                                       Media: Indian Ink on paper (Noodler's bullet proof black)
                                       Pen: Noodler's flex nib fountain pen.

This weeks theme for IF is 'Launch'. Adrian knew that his Space book launch was going to be different from the usual boring signing. Interested to know which you preferred.

Thursday, 16 June 2011

IF Swept

                                        Size:15 x 21 cms
                                        Media: Indian Ink & water colour on paper
                                        Pen: Noodler's Flex pen & Pentel waterbrush

The topic this week on IF is 'Swept'. When I first thought of the word swept, for some reason the thoughts of a mine-sweeper arrived in my head. I then considered the idea of a diver going down into the murky darkness beneath the waves on a single lifeline to disarm the mine. To add to this theory I decided to draw this with only one pen line and not take my pen off the paper until I was finished. I realise I didn't end up with an amazing Work of Art, but I wanted to share the experimental nature of this drawing!

Thursday, 9 June 2011

IF Shadows

                           Size: 27 x 21 cms
                           Media: Indian Ink & paper
                           Pens: Lamy Al Star fountain pen.

The above drawing was a submission for IF.Com weekly theme. This weeks theme was 'Shadows'. My idea behind this drawing was to experiment with the shading method of crosshatching as shading is essentially shadows. A 'shady character' casts his own shadow outside the picture frame.

                                          Size: 17 x 20 cms
                                          Media: Indian ink & paper
                                          Pen: Lamy Al Star fountain pen

This drawing was the first attempt at a shady character..the sort of guy who you don't want to be stuck with in a party.....

Friday, 3 June 2011

Animen..The trapped beasts

                                     Size: 18 x 13 cms
                                     Media: Indian ink & watercolour on paper
                                     Pens: Lamy fountain pen and Pentel waterbrush

                                       Size: 12 x 14cms
                                       Media: Indian ink & watercolour on paper
                                       Pens: Lamy/Sailor Fountain pens & Pentel waterbrush

                                             Size: 12 x 21 cms
                                             Media: Indian ink & watercolour on paper
                                             Pens: Lamy/Sailor Fountain pens & Pentel waterbrush.

A continuation of last week's post of studies for mid-life crisis. A follow up from the guy who said  "I want to run wild this weekend!" Trapped in the 'cage' of work all week, the escaped animal is free at the weekend.