Wednesday, 10 August 2011

If Imperfect

                                           Size:19 x 20 cms
                                           Media: Indian Ink on paper
                                           Pen: Lamy Al star

                                        Size: 29 x 19 cms
                                        Media: Indian Ink on Paper
                                        Pens: Noodler's Flex nib & Lamy Alstar

                                             Size: 14 x 13 cms
                                             Media: Indian ink on paper
                                             Pen: Lamy Al star EF

                                                Size: 15 x 17 cms
                                                Media: Indian ink on paper
                                                Pen: Noodlers Flex nib & Lamy al star.

This weeks IF theme 'Imperfect'. I thought about the Imperfect tense whilst doing these drawings and also the Imperfect side of Artwork that I am attracted to.


  1. The idea of imperfect tense and expressing it in sketch really started bothering me... I have no idea how to do it. But love your cowboys!

  2. I like this whole series, there's a nice continuity in the line work from one to the other.
    The simple shading on the face on the bottom one is good in that it keeps the art moving even though the position is simple and static.

    good orchestrating!


  3. thank you for the comment! I really enjoy your blog! you have awesome work in here!

  4. GREAT drawings--I like their simplicity, the action, and how the inner "frame" of the rectangle drawn loosely interacts with the images.

  5. Thanks to everyone for visiting and the kind comments.


Thanks Guys!!