Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Midweek Reality

                             Size: 19 x 16 cms
                             Media: Ink and wash
                             Pens: Sailor fountain and dip pen and Pentel waterbrush

                            Size:  32 x 24 cms
                            Media: Ink watercolour on paper.
                            Pens: Noodlers Flex Nib and Pentel waterbrush

I wanted to post some non cartoon sketches for a change and I whilst I thought I would have to create another blog for this, I have decided to keep everything in one place although its only cohesive in the sense that it is all artwork that I have drawn.
The top sketch is of La Iglesia de L'Orxa (L'Orxa Church). My Dad sent me some Sepia Ink from the UK and I tested it with some other browns that I had, Golden Brown By Noodler's and Sailor jentle Brown (for wash). The lower sketch is actually made up of different people I saw around L'Orxa swimming pool on one particular day of sketching...I didn't however, draw the pool!


  1. : ) i 'd like to thank for sharing what u use and how : ) it;s quite interesting! i always love sepia and your church is so simple and just good! and the figurines are in the best colors too, always a bit calmed down... very nice


  2. Like them both and the people by great and I find it fab that the pool is not there as you made it very clear where they were...I think it is great!

  3. Beautiful line quality, Rod! The anthropomorphism of L'Orxa facade would be whimsical and humorous if not for the sensitivity of the wash- still, I half expect it to gather itself up, tuck in its petticoat and do something really goofy.



Thanks Guys!!