Friday, 8 July 2011

IF Stay

                                 Size: 24 x 24 cms
                                 Media: Indian Ink and paper
                                 Pens: Dip pen Gillott no.5 and Lamy fountain

The IF theme this week is the word 'Stay'. The first thing that came to my mind was telling a dog to stay. Then I remembered something I had read on the internet a few weeks ago which said "STAYING calm is paramount if you or your pet is attacked by a dangerous dog."... Yeah Right!!!


  1. Right up there with playing dead while a bear mauls you. Right. Like that's going to happen! Great movement in this drawing.

  2. Brilliant. Possibly all part teaching the cute little doggy to 'stay'? Love your style.

  3. LOL....goooood one!!Love it! And right up there with standing still when a swarm of BEES is headed right for you........RIGHT!!

  4. I love the fierce dog! And he manages to be very calm... :-)

  5. Staying calm while the dog's not staying...
    Clever! Well drawn and LOL!

  6. Hahaha... you are doing very well, my friend. :)

    Nice job, Rod. I like your drawing style a lot !!!!

  7. Love the tummy on top of those skinny legs and the munching hound.

  8. Hilarious!
    He has a seriously great head and neck - or lack there of!
    Love it :-)

  9. Nice line, funny take on the subject: the work looks to have some Ralph Steadman and George Grosz influences.

  10. Thanks everyone!! @ Bill,...Its hard to splash/spray ink without thinking about Ralph Steadman...Splash influenced.... yes!! Grosz..? Having difficulty with that one!:)

  11. ouch.
    those finger tips.


    I agree with Bill. I see both Steadman and Grosz. Taken further (gritty detail-wise) I could see this as a major emotional piece.
    Last few pieces of yours imply pain one way or another... you doin' okay? --well enough to illustrate is seems.

    interesting how the dog's body is so cuddly and playful, but the head is so severe. Just like some people I know.


  12. @ Bill @ Richard...I have now studied a few of Grosz works and I think I am starting to see what you are both seeing in this drawing to a certain extent. Well at least you have made me look at him and I suppose could say that you have enlightened and excited me somewhat. Yes Richard..I am fine thanks..funnily enough you and Bill both made me look a bit more at Steadman as well...and I read somewhere that he said some of his drawings were fuelled by his own personal fears...I suppose the drawing of those ideas had a cathartic effect on him...I can safely say its easy for me to fear the viscous dog and the large syringe needle..maybe I seek the same emotional cleansing by drawing these images...a sort of therapy?

  13. A humorous juxtaposition of calm and violence. I suppose the dog will eventually bore himself to death with the lack of response and move on.


Thanks Guys!!