Saturday, 16 July 2011

IF Gesture

                                  Size: 29 x 22 cms
                                  Media: Noodler's Ink on Paper
                                  Pen: Dip pen Gillott no.5

Is it a bird?...Is it a plane?....NO...its GMan!  Not had a lot of time this quicky, more 'Steadmanesque/ Groszesquisms as it seems the order of the day for me! Cheers.... as GMan said!


  1. Fabulous...made me smile....I think they could put him to good use in India directing the traffic...

  2. You made me laugh again! I can even see some kind of continuity, as the wine glass of your "remedy" appears again. I think wine is a catalyst carrier that can execute thousands of other gestures :) Thanks!

  3. Fun :) I like that idea of putting GMan to work directing traffic.

  4. gesture-man! very nicely done and thought! very! so simple yet detailed : )

  5. This is funny, I like your idea, powerful!

  6. That's a lot of gestures.. somewhere, someplace a gang might be offended :)


Thanks Guys!!