Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Pecking order!

                                           Size: 11 x 16 cms
                                           Media: Indian Ink & watercolour on paper
                                           Pens: Noodlers flex nib fountain & pentel waterbrush

My parents are coming to visit us in Spain this week and I told my Dad on Sunday that I would give him his Father's day card when I see him here. I suppose its obvious...he is top of the pecking order! Well he is in Seville at the moment and he will be with us in Valencia this Thursday, so you get to see his card before him!


  1. Nice one! Great colors. You reminded me that I need to have a little gift ready for my dad when I see him this weekend.

  2. This is awesome. Love the paint splatters.

  3. Thanks Hannah..hopefully my Dad likes it!

  4. THIS IS GORGEOUS!!! I love the colours, grandad should really like it! Hope you guys have a lovely time!!


Thanks Guys!!