Thursday, 16 June 2011

IF Swept

                                        Size:15 x 21 cms
                                        Media: Indian Ink & water colour on paper
                                        Pen: Noodler's Flex pen & Pentel waterbrush

The topic this week on IF is 'Swept'. When I first thought of the word swept, for some reason the thoughts of a mine-sweeper arrived in my head. I then considered the idea of a diver going down into the murky darkness beneath the waves on a single lifeline to disarm the mine. To add to this theory I decided to draw this with only one pen line and not take my pen off the paper until I was finished. I realise I didn't end up with an amazing Work of Art, but I wanted to share the experimental nature of this drawing!


  1. Oh wow! I find it very amazing in fact! Very interesting take first of all! And such cool lines! And the framing makes it complete : ) I really like it! and have to say that also love the name of your blog :) very cool! nice to meet you 'pen mover'!

  2. Thanks Deniz!! (only one line!) :)

  3. Nice idea. I wish I was more experimental and I agree, great blog name :)

  4. Thanks Hannah..I think calling things 'experimental' is sometimes a good excuse for me to not having to perfect a work! :)

  5. You're a Friday Favorite!

  6. I really like this!

    oh and congratulations! :)


Thanks Guys!!