Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Quick Inks!

                           Size: 105 x 145 mm
                           Media: Indian Ink on Paper
                           Pen: Dip pen (Bellman & Sons #435 Vintage Nib)

                          Size: 105 x 145 mm
                          Media: Indian Ink and Watercolour on Paper
                          Tools: Dip Pen (Vintage Nib), Pentel brushpen, Pentel water brushes.

                          Size: 145 x 210  mm
                          Media: Indian Ink on Paper
                          Pens: Dip pen (Vintage Nib), Copic Multiliner

The line work in these four sketches was done in probably less that 10 minutes each. I am finding that using ink as a medium is making me think differently whilst I draw. I know when a mark is made, it is going to stay there..there is no erasing with a rubber or photoshop. I have used photo references for this work..I know its not necessarily the best method, as opposed to real life, but it served its purpose in this experiment.

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