Monday, 23 May 2011

Near Gandia Marina

                          Size: 12 x 32 cm
                          Media: Indian Ink on Paper
                          Pen: Dip pen

 I did this sketch from the marina area in Gandia, Valencia, Spain with a dip pen and indian ink. I used a vintage John Cameron #13 Nib and Winsor and Newton Ink. Its a bit awkward sketching on location with a dip pen and a bottle of ink although I like the line variation. I have ordered a couple of fountain pens from the internet which I hope will make things easier. One of the pens ordered is a Sailor calligraphy pen which has an upturned nib and depending on how it is handled, can offer different line widths. I shall be filling that fountain pen with Noodler's Bullet proof black ink, which is waterproof, just in case I want to apply some sort of wash to the work I do with it. Hopefully I will post something soon that I did with it.

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