Friday, 27 May 2011

Experiments with line

                         Size: 12 x 32 cms
                         Media: Indian Ink & Paper
                         Pen : Dip Pen (Vintage Nib)

                          Size: 12 x 32 cms
                          Media : Noodler's Ink and Paper
                          Pen: Sailor Calligraphy Fountain Pen

My new fountain pens arrived yesterday and I was eager to try them out. I sat on the roadside to sketch in the next valley by a small village called Benisiva. I took my Sailor calligraphy pen with me and used it nib upside down to give me a fine line as I wasn't practised with its variation (this pen is designed to give different line widths whilst writing in Chinese). The result was a lot different from the flexible nib used in the dip pen drawing (top). I will post some work done using the Sailor's full potential soon. The following drawing of an old man (below) was done using home-made bamboo and reed pens for the lines and Copic sketch markers for the shades of grey. I cut the bamboo and reeds locally and carved the nibs into different shapes to give me varied tonal effects.

                                            Size: 145 x 210 mm
                                            Media: Indian Ink, Marker Ink and Paper
                                            Pens: Reed and Bamboo (Homemade)
                                            and Copic Sketch Markers.

                     Home-made reed and bamboo pens used for the lines in the old man sketch.

                            Dip pens with vintage nibs: John Cameron shoulder pen #13 and
                            D. Leonardt & Co # 526

                         A close-up of the upturned nib (above) on my new Sailor
                         Calligraphy pen  (shown below)


  1. whoa! i like the style of bamboo pens!!! i really want to try. you inspired me!:)

  2. Me too - that face really has a lot of character in it!! I'm off to a bamboo plantation right now!!


Thanks Guys!!