Monday, 20 February 2012

Dream II

                                                       Size: 18 x 21 cms
                                                       Media: Ink on paper
                                                       Pens: Gillott 404,170
                                                       & Copic marker R27


  1. You know, you have a pretty good character idea here with Gerard, you should be nicer to him.

    I would hope to see Gerard kickin' some ass in the Dream 3 sequel.

    byline: 'They pushed him too far, now he's pushin' back!'

  2. Oh Oh OHHHHHH...!!!!
    Esto parece una alegoría de el mal, castigando a la Tierra!
    !! Hombre!!
    The guy with wings is The Mal y el pobre Gerard is the Planet!!!!!
    Esto es una pesadilla!!!!!
    Poor Gerard ... he will never have a joy?
    Tú sabes...something with a Spanish brunette :)
    he is a martyr!!!!!!!!!!
    Hombre!!! dale una alegría!!!

  3. Dream 2: the quote of Gauguin!!! Very clever! He knew .....(and Gerard too)

    And because you take our world not seriously you are able to create such (eye)catching drawings!!

  4. @Ted... Gerard is OK..Someone said you need to exercise and he thought they
    said exorcise...but he's not been too good at that yet (Yet)!...Hopefully he will 'push back'!
    @Roberto...Like I said to Ted..Gerard is seeking happiness... but by mixing heavy with light(allegory of life) I am just seeking a new path. Spanish Brunette? (maybe Dream 3.)
    @ Art..I think we must shut our eyes to draw art!

  5. poooor guy...his pretty face is even all scratched up...let me know when your book comes out ok....I want it for my coffee table so people can be entertained while they wait on me to serve them their cake,,,,,

  6. Hey Rod, bienvenido al Club de los que usamos anteojos!!
    Actually, they reaffirm your personality! (I mean seriously)

    1. Thanks is nice to see where I am going...s*** somehow I ended up in Spain! I have already got reading/drawing glasses but don't always wear them..inspired by Monet's bad eyesight...hoping some of not seeing well might induce some great mistakes!!

      To the comment below.... I have already disabled the word verification on this blog to make it an easier task for people to post a comment here....I thought it was bad with just one word...but with two (one being difficult to read (yes with glasses:)) I don't like it one little bit...I wish everyone would disable word verification the same as I did!!!!

    2. ((((((yo estuve haciendo una pequeña investidation jaja, ¿Tú sabes qué descubrí? que cuando Blogger te pide dos (2) palabras de verificación, tú escribes sólo una (1) y el comentario es aceptado igual!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)))))))))))))

    3. Yo tambien!!! Eres como Sherlock Holmes Hombre!!!!!! Yo solo escrito la segunda palabra! Que intelligente!!!!

    4. haha!!..This morning it took me a few attempts to leave a comment on someone's blog with just one word...eventually it allowed me after failing three or four times....the second word again never with just the first....why is that do you think Holmes?

  7. ¿Hacemos una campaña contra las dos palabras de verificación de Blogger?

    ¡Bloggers del Mundo Unios!

  8. I too wear the glasses and hate word verification! Heh.. Every time I come back to your page I am delighted. Your work cracks me up sir. Now, I too, wishing to be like Bruce Lee, am going to take a bath :)

  9. Replies
    1. Cheers Bill (thats my Dad's Name BTW...Bill not Cheers!)

  10. Great great great, another interesting dream! I wonder what Gerard ate before sleeping... And beautiful line work as usual.
    When I get my tricycle book to Amazon, you probably have there already a whole Gerard bestseller series... :)

    1. Thanks Sasa, I think Gerard had too much to drink the other day!
      Maybe we should combine our efforts and do a joint book called.."Gerard, the greatest (in size) bicycle quality control worker in China." This sort of title is bound to get people on to the edge of their seats!!!

  11. I really like your Gerard character. He's been dreaming quite a lot, hasn't he?


Thanks Guys!!