Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Dream I

                                                          Size: 12 x 19cms
                                                          Media: Ink and watercolour
                                                          on canson paper
                                                          Pens: Gillott 404 & 170


  1. OK Hombre!!!, from my point of view, this is a different job to the one I saw today, made for you
    and if you let me I will say that you should follow this path
    I think this is very interesting to see
    I do not do analysis of the works, either, I qualify the styles of drawing or illustration
    but this is very interesting, really!!!

    Estoy sorprendido por este trabajo!
    me gustan las obras conceptuales! y esta lo es!!!

  2. yo quise decir que este dibujo es un trabajo diferente de los que yo vi, hasta el día de hoy, hechos por tí.
    Do I properly explained, now? haha: D

    1. I think you explained very well before, Roberto!!! I understand you perfectly!! I too like to do conceptual stuff..but if there isn't a strong/solid idea..then there is no point doing conceptual for conceptual sake...It is easier said than done...but as always, I appreciate and respect all of what you say...It is nice to learn from others...the path for learning is always open...if you decide to keep on it!

    2. Rod, one of my mottos is: one is always learning,
      the person who says he knows everything is a liar.
      and if he does not say, but he feels so, worse!

      we can dominate (apparently a technique) but never fully know.
      the ideas never die, are reborn every second
      We mere mortals must be vigilant, to take them with our brush, pencil, or whatever to express graphically
      (also, do not look to me to learn, I'm just learning to hold a pencil with my left hand haha!)
      Do we put on our boots, and we travel the path together? :)

  3. Hello Rod. Congratulations for your suggestion being picked for IF. Whose dream is this? I want to see the rest of the dream. I have very vivid dreams I can recall every detail, sometimes the texture of the fabric.! Keep dreaming.

  4. Great oppressive atmosphere, I think I have seen this dream too...

    1. Thanks Sasa, I see it as oppressive optimistic!

  5. Replies
    1. I was waiting for a clever person to spot that!!

    2. As I change my quotes regularly...You made me realise maybe I should keep this one here now that you have mentioned it!!!
      The quote:
      "There is no dilemma compared with that of the deep-sea diver who hears the message from the ship above, "Come up at once. We are sinking!"."
      Robert Cooper

  6. Thanks Rod! Of course , piece of cake for me :)
    (you are clever too :))!!

    1. Thanks I knew someone could spot that!!...I wanted to make some comments on your blog but it said I am not allowed...so until I am I can't!! See...you were right!:)

  7. ????? I have got more mails about the difficulties with commenting on my blog ...hmm I do not understand....


Thanks Guys!!