Friday, 16 December 2011

IF Sink


                                                            Size: 11 x 16 cms
                                                            Media: Pen and Ink
                                                            Pens: Sailor Sapporo & Copic Marker

It is generally thought that a ship's Captain should go down if his ship should sink. This is a myth apparently. If a ship sinks it is the Captain's duty to ensure the safety of all others on board before his own. So if there isn't time to get off he would therefore be the last (or one of them) and go down with his's not a voluntary pride duty thing after all!


  1. Rod, muy cierto, qué sutíl observador eres tú. te juro que nunca lo hubiera pensado.

    I always thought that the captains were very brave men!

  2. Of course, now I realize why that myth does not exist, in the case of an aircraft's captain!!!!!!...
    ...he do not have time to be brave when a plane falls!!!!
    good weekend!!!!
    your drawing: Excellent as always!!!! :)

  3. I know the name of this Captain, is "Captain Iceberg" haha

  4. Great illo! And I'm so glad to learn the truth about this saying. (whew)

  5. I love he keeps his posture...not everyone would under those circumstances.
    The little fishes are the perfect final touch :)

  6. Jamón serrano y vino tinto!!!!!
    buen finde!!!!!!!

  7. Rod, fui al GoogleEath, especialmente para ver dónde queda Villajoyosa!!!
    Ah, tú vives sobre el mediterráneo!!!!!
    Algún día te visitaré!!!!! (yo vivo a 800 kilómetros del mar!!!!!!!

  8. Rod, you write perfect!!!!! I understood everything perfectly, hombre!
    then seek on GoogleEarth., nothing more than browse

    I'll see you later!
    Thanks for answering :)

  9. funny he keeps his posture, even when he's under water, like the bells, the little fishes too and his knees :-)

  10. I guess the captain should say "It's okay, no worries, I was going down, anyway." Great drawing!

  11. Great interpretation! This guy looks very dutiful!

  12. That's good to know. This illustration made me laugh, though, and then I felt uncomfortable for laughing, because it's not really a laughing matter. GREAT drawing!

  13. Notice how he stands on his tippy-toes, to prolong the inevitable end.

    Those cute little fishies will eat well tonight. A Lovely drawing, my friend.

  14. GRACIAS!! Feliz Navidad!!! ¿No lo dije ya aquí?
    Ah... ese hombre retornará al ruedo!!! ya verás, como un torero!!!
    (posiblemente él tenga un ataque de una enfermedad llamada: "el blog me tiene harto"
    Yo creo que sólo, él está esperando que todos nosotros le pidamos que él vuelva)

  15. Merry Christmas to you !!!
    I think, the sinking captain is taking some beauty treatment....


    Have fun under the Spanish sun and wishing you many many great pen movements in the next year as well!!!!!!!


Thanks Guys!!