Saturday, 3 December 2011

IF Brigade

                                        Size: 29 x 19 cms
                                        Media: Pen and Ink
                                        Pens: Lamy Al star and Rotring Artpen

                                           Size: 25 x 18cms
                                           Media: Pen and ink
                                           Pen: Rotring Artpen  

The theme for IF this week is 'brigade'. The first thing that came to mind was the  'Charge of the Light Brigade'....mmmmm... the Tennyson poem rang loud...." Half a league, half a league, Half a league onward, All in the Valley of Death Rode the six hundred, Forward the Light Brigade!"........After a bout of navel-gazing I drew these ideas (whilst still thinking about brigade!!)..... It would have been complicated!!



  1. good job, Rod! I like all of them. Whole army of pen movers!!

  2. Es la Brigada de los dibujantes!!!
    (Me pareció ver mi cara entre todos esos) :)

    Realmente, me gusta tu "linea" (tal vez entiendas mejor si yo digo "trazo") es una linea fuerte,muy segura, que le da a tus personajes un fuerte caracter (not character) quiero decir, fuerza en su personalidad. Perdón por escribir en español, pero temía que al traducir no se entendiera mi concepto.
    Buen Weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I love your brigade and that lone artist sticking out. That's you!!! Wonderful concept.

  4. It looks scary, the army of pen movers. Maybe there are even more of them in the background, but they are all of same height, so we can not see them.

    Rod, one day you get strong and fast enough to draw a giant battle scene from the Penmovers' mythology. The famous clash of the fountain pen army against the dip pen army.

  5. What a serious looking bunch! I am a bit intimidated by them and their measuring gaze. This is how it must feel to work as artist's model :-)

  6. @Art..yep it could be my army, thanks.
    @ Roberto..Well I put that into Google translate to see why you said that and it came out as I had read least my brain translates like google..even though I know it's not always recommended.(I think you are in the group I want to paint your portrait (caricature).
    @ Ces That lone Artist sticking out was supposed to be in a group of Artist's not sticking out...oh well back to the drawing board!!!;)
    @ ziemba..:)
    @ Magyaryx..which side will you be on..i know you are a dip penner...I will sit on the fence in that battle because different horses for different courses I think..oneday I will muster the strength for a giant battle might be called the 'Battlefield an hour before..with lone cow eating grass."
    @ Sasa It was a life class..and these guys were disappointed with the friendly male model!

  7. I'm happy you let your navel have a vote because these are really both nice images, I'm partial to the to top one, I like the sameness infused with the variety... all in a nice murky value...


  8. Very funny! I laughed out loud to look at them--those pen-chargers. These are delightful drawings.

  9. i like the shade of your drawing,..
    simply beautiful


Thanks Guys!!