Sunday, 15 November 2015


                                     Size: of a tortoise
                                     media: pen and ink
                                     Pen: sailor


  1. You have a Sailor pen! I'm impressed. Those Sailor fountain pens are so frightfully expensive here.
    Hybrid turtle? I'd be aghast if I saw one of these walking across my floor.

    1. He is strange! The pen was expensive for me too. It's a Sailor Saporro which I dropped onto its expensive nib after I had it a few days. I got my magnifying glass and tweezers on it and made it work was very different though and not how it was intended...all this happened a few years ago and I draw a lot of my stuff with it. You can't buy a replacement nib or anything for it, so don't buy a sailor, they don't look after you afterwards!!!!


Thanks Guys!!