Monday, 26 October 2015


                              Size: 2048 X 2048 Pixels
                              Media: iPad and pen stylus on procreate
                              pen: port designs stylus

Brian realised that it was natural for dogs to sniff arses and pretended not to notice. #puppy #dog #doodle #sketch #procreate #cartoon #sniff #arse #thepenmover #digitalart

The very funny cartoonist and friend, Mr Ted Blackman, already made this funnier than I did, he said (on The Penmover Facebook page) : " We don't want to give poochie a complex do we!!!" 

Still playing with digital apps....still enjoying the ability to change and alter and colour. This could be robbing me of a portent element of my work....I.e. Leaving the mistakes in because there is no other suitable option!!!!

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  1. Did I say that? Hey, I prefer this Pen Mover style to the digital world you're exploring. It has more warmth and sensitivity, and I think Poochie would agree, though he has a cold nose.


Thanks Guys!!