Monday, 6 July 2015

Any one for tennis?

                                     Size: singles
                                     Media: ink and pen
                                     Pen: sailor

As its Wimbledon in England this week, thought I'd draw this little reminds me of school when a boy in my year got angry with his opponent's antics and threw his tennis racket hard across the net towards him....unfortunately it smacked him straight in the mouth....lots of set and detention.
This drawing is probably more sinister I was hoping!!


  1. Hi Rod, long time...
    That is pretty sinister. Like a scene from a horror movie. Being so tightly framed makes it more scary. You wonder what is happing outside the frame...

  2. That must be the school boy all grown up. Still smacking people in the teeth.

  3. Hi Sasa....anything could happen !!! Long time yes!!!!! Hope your okay!
    No's the opponent victim seeking revenge and wreaking havoc!!


Thanks Guys!!