Thursday, 13 September 2012

Night Witch

                                                                 Size:  11 x 16 cms
                                                                 Media: graphite on paper
                                                                 Pens: Pencils

Why did I draw this?..... I don't know, maybe she made me draw her in the future. It makes you wonder.


  1. Me parece un aviador de los años 20 o algo así, no?
    Gran dibujo, amigo!!!!

  2. lo que no entiendo es el título del post?????
    perdón por mi ignorancia!!!

    1. Gracias Roberto! this was the name given by the Germans to a group of Female Russian aviators in the first/second world wars. They used to fly under cover of night to bomb Germany.(I did this in English so I don't have to repeat the answer to others and you speak English so well!)

    2. Oh and this was a sort of caricature of the woman who formed that regiment, Marina Pascova...(a quick rough as usual...not quite Richard Ewing standard!!!)

    3. OK. Rod, thanks for the explanation. really.
      No problem,English, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, German when I did not understand a word I search on Google, ha ha!!! :))))

      (pero me gusta cuando tú escribes en español en mi blog!!!!!)
      Rod, yo busqué en google a Marina Pascova (solamente porque me gusta saber más) y no la encontré!!!!!!)

    4. Sorry was Rascova not Pascova!!!!:)

  3. Ahora sííííííí!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ja ja. ya la vi!!! Linda rusa :)))
    must have been a brave woman, (not easy to conquer)
    Nos vemos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Amelia Airhart never looked so good.

    Hey, I like that you're exploring new characters, and this one really has a ton of personality in her face. Very nice.

  5. Whoa, cool character! Really cool expression, too. I didn't know you'd have another post up. I actually came to tell you that when I saw this week's word, "Burst", the first thing I thought was, oh dear. Poor Gerard. :D


Thanks Guys!!