Sunday, 8 July 2012

Dream XI (Suspend)

                                                               Size: 15 x 16 cms
                                                               Media: Indian ink &
                                                               gouache on  paper
                                                               Pens: Dip pens
                                                               Gillott 404 & 170 & 
                                                               Pentel waterbrushes


  1. I did not know Gerard is religious fanatic.

    Or is it a kind of "looc" piercing?

  2. OHHHH NOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!
    You do not stop tormenting the poor Gerard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And do not say that he agreed to do it
    I will not believe :(((((((((((((

    Again, I appeal to the charitable souls of people:
    People, help Gerard to not continue to suffering this artist!!!!!!
    (era una broma, hombre!!! vamos a la playa!!!!!!)

  3. OWWWWWWch!!!
    But..why didn't he pop? (sorry, I guess I still have balloons on the brain)

  4. OUCH!!! I KNEW you would suspend him somehow...when I saw the prompt I thought of you right away:)....omg HOOKS....I don`t know whether to laugh or cry!!!!

  5. Oh my gosh. I don't know if it's a scene from Hellraiser or Jim Rose and his crazy circus. Either way, eeeeek! I also do not believe he would have agreed to it... but then again, what do I *really* know about this Gerard fellow and his mysterious preferences?

  6. Ack! Just like the American Mandan Indians. This was a rite to adulthood and bravery where they suspended the men through their sking. ACK! You think gerard would burst!!!

  7. Ahhh.... a tribute to 'A Man Called Horse"?

    I'm not disturbed at all by this image, as it appears Gerard is in no great pain, almost seems to be enjoying himself, so who am I to judge the man? To each his own.

    I do hope that the next word isn't BOILED, though.

    1. Yes a tribute to a Man called Horse Ted...Boiling sounds messy!

  8. one can only wonder when those cracks are gonna give out, and what will happen to poor Gerard when gravity does its thing...
    he'll go from one agony to another.
    but then it'll be all over.

    except he'll have to figure out how to get out of the box...

    1. To Gerard he was just in a dream dilemma as usual...this time he was dreaming of baby bouncers.

  9. Oh no no no! Gerard is in a bad mood...I'm out of here!!

  10. I really can't get enough of Gerard. So good!!!!!!!... How can you still look this good being suspended like that!!!!!!! hehe! Fantastic...Just fantastic!!!!!!!! :)

  11. Ouch ouch ouch!! And... Do I hear creaking? Ouch!!


Thanks Guys!!