Friday, 4 May 2012

Dream VII

                                                     Size: 23 x 15 cms
                                                     Media: Ink and Gouache on paper
                                                     Pens: Dip pens/nibs Gillott 404 /290


  1. Esta abeja está dentro de una pesadilla!
    has a human face and wears a tie!!!!
    Y no tiene acceso a las flores!
    Poor bee!!!!
    Gran trabajo Rod!!!
    ...Ah, now I can see a bee comes flying!!!!!
    OK, tampoco llegará hasta las flores!!!!!
    another nightmare!
    Buen dibujo, Hombre!!!!

  2. Hot dang! That bee looks like a major anaphylactic shock if he bites you! I like that he is wearing a tie. hehehe. Such a busy bee. Look he even has his own rows of flowers to pollenate, just like the rest of us drones.

  3. I just blew up the image and I see another bee, coming or going? So cool!

  4. Steer clear of that hornet! He's seeing red!

    Hey IF ambassador, what's the Illustration Friday word today? Is there something wrong with the site?

  5. Wonderful character!!!!!!
    ...Love the cheeky bee cruisin' at the top as well! hehe :D

  6. This makes me laugh! A typical Gerard dream I guess, his life seems full of frustration... :-P

  7. Gerard feels lonely. He tries to attract some (girl) friend with his flower garden.

    (Clever guy , he knows how to do it)


Thanks Guys!!