Sunday, 18 March 2012

IF Shades


                                                            Size: 26 x 11 cms
                                                            Media: Ink on paper
                                                            Pens: Sailor Sapporo &
                                                            Copic sketch marker

This week's Illustration Friday topic is 'shades'.................................Meet the Shade Family.


  1. Good take on the theme Rod, "shady" characters.

  2. ¿Sharon??????????????????????????

  3. They are all so macho!!! They do look like brothers. I love their lower lips. Heheheh!

  4. great characters! like their lips too :-)

  5. very cool characters... you have a wonderful style.

  6. What a group! You don't want to mess with them :-D

  7. I don't know if I think they look like tough guys. They might *be* tough guys, but right now they look just a tad petulant, like they have to go to mom's house for dinner and she nags them about not being married or eating their greens.

    A couple of them have rather shifty eyes, but they do have a lot of personality! I imagine they get into some weird adventures. Interesting as always!

  8. Poor Sharon. She needs to grow her hair out and wear more make-up.. but even that won't help. I can see her driving tractors in a field, but that's about it.

    Funny one, Rod!

  9. Aren't these guys living in South Dakota, and a distant relation to the Mt. Rushmore four?... Or are they in west England and call themselves the mid-age fab four?

    Regardless of their ancestry, their expression indicates there's little they've not "done there, been that" to. And they're not looking for new thrills either.
    Nice subtle variances in expression.


  10. Oh my! This made me laugh! They are so funny--what a great collection of guys!

  11. Yes, they all look related...and shady!

  12. Great characters!! Sharon actually looks the shadiest...probably as a result of getting picked on over the years....

  13. Shady looking shades of shades. Cool.

  14. Amigo MacGregor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Gracias por tu comentario!
    Tú escribes muy bien en español (much better than me in English)
    Me gusta leer tus comentarios in Spanish!!! it's OK!!!!!
    los calzones y las bragas... we have lost them along the way, was a loving impulse ♥ D:D:D
    Hasta luego Hombre!!!
    Extraña familia, the Shade family.... :)

  15. There's something about them that makes me think of the godfather, goodfellas,sopranos etc. Are they that kind of family?
    They look very cool :)


Thanks Guys!!