Tuesday, 24 January 2012

El Domingo en La Plaza (ink experiment)

                                                                  Size: 17 x 20 cms
                                                                  Media: Pen and Ink
                                                                  Pen: Noodler's Flex nib

I decided it was time to experiment a little as I hadn't done that for a while. I usually draw directly in ink without pre drawing in pencil...This can be quite dangerous as there is little to no room for 'errors'...if an 'error' is made, then it is usually incorporated into the work somehow...this is why I have a fairly scruffy style...they say it can give you a more natural line rather than a carefully planned one. Like everything, there are advantages and disadvantages. I noticed that when I use pure black ink, it can be very unforgiving trying to shade things with hatching and textures (often ending up with areas far darker than required.) I also enjoy using brown ink as this starts off light and gets darker the more you put on..pretty useful with the direct ink technique. My experiment today, was to mix a 'gray' ink by adding water to black ink....this has a similar effect to the brown...starts off light and gets darker the more that is applied. It was an interesting experiment which I will use again. I will now take off my anorak (I have to wear it for these sort of posts.)
I don my cowboy hat and wait in the shade next to the Old Church Tower in the Plaza.


  1. Ahhh... a Smith and Wesson 44 magnum... nice gun, sir.

    Funny how big they look once they come out of that tiny holster.

    1. It's the fear that makes them grow Ted!!

  2. Ok, I can tell you that your technique is excellent, (in some way each of us invented a technique that is suitable for our way of drawing
    that's what makes it fun, because if we all ought to adjust to the same technique would draw all the same)
    I like it, good job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I feel good that you follow experiencing, in these few days you are, because on Sunday you will not have time or pull the trigger........
    draws a lot, you have Thursday, Friday and Saturday...HOMBRE!!!!!!!!!!

  3. e io sarò lì con i miei amici
    you know....my friends....those who carry the guitar case!!!!

    1. I hear they know some good tunes!!!! I will bring my trumpet to play the 'Last post' for them!

    2. Do not be funny with me, little boy!!!!!!!!!

      Sunday in the plaza will see what is inside the instrument case
      you can take a surprise. Don Corleone's friends are not babes in arms!!!!!!!!!

  4. well, I am wondering if your garment was made from caribou or seal .....

    BTW, I red somewhere that all art is quite useless.

    Ehmm, oh yes , which Old Church Tower do you mean ?

    ( it is almost weekend)
    have fun!

  5. I like the effect of the more varied shading! I'm not entirely sure if it's just the scan, or the tradeoff but I feel like, perhaps, the darks didn't get as dark as they could. Which I suppose would make sense, but anyway... I like this! I am absolutely in envy of your gun-drawing skills.

  6. Yes I agree, there is always room to improve!! Don't envy my gun drawing, I just googled pistols and copied one that I liked!!


Thanks Guys!!