Monday, 24 October 2011

IF Fuel


                                 Size: 11 x 7 cms
                                 Media: Ink on paper
                                 Pen: Sailor Sapporo Fountain pen

Now that my Art Fuel has arrived I can make this post...Noodler's American Eel Bullet proof black pumped smoothly into my Sailor Sapporo and flowing out of the nib like a slippery fish onto cheap photo copy paper!!


  1. My favorite fuel! Looks like a cute miniature toy car, delivering an ink container... I would need a delivery like that for my Lamy Safari pen now.

  2. Nice! I imagine the vat would have to be pretty huge to hold all that ink. I'm sure they won't mind if I fill a small container? Oh! I didn't think of it as a toy truck, like Sasa suggested. Maybe that makes more sense. :)

  3. I like the idea very much :) Hopefully the 20 railway wagons filled with drawing paper have some delay, so you can unload them after the thousand of pens are filled.
    I think we will see some a-post-a-minute web-expansion of your blog.

  4. I see your fuel is nicely flowing !! Probably enough ink for next decade!
    Greetings from J.Miro :)

  5. All that fancy pen and ink wasted on cheap photocopy paper?? Sir... you offend!

    This drawing reminds me of a funny New Yorker cartoon I saw once: A big semi-truck hauling a large tanker car full of 'cheap red wine'.

  6. Here's to Black Ink to fuel the drawings!


Thanks Guys!!