Saturday, 3 September 2011

IF Mysterious

                                     Size: 17 x 8 cms
                                     Media: Indian Ink on Paper
                                     Pen: Sailor Sapporo EF

This week the theme for IF is Mysterious.................What else can I say? All drawn with my new Sailor Sapporo fountain pen which has an extra fine nib.


  1. I really like the line quality in your images.

  2. Nice drawing but I must admit, that I need some explanation :)

  3. Those cars look more than happy to run roughshod over all those tiny people...

    I like how some are trying to escape the frame.
    Glad I'M home right now...

  4. This is a real mystery... But captivating sketch anyway :-) I liked your sketches below too and interested to follow your 'non-waterproof ink' experiments. The hippo is gorgeous!

  5. Really huge car show or really tiny people showing up?

  6. this took me some time to figure out what is going on...( I had no glasses on)
    Today the penny dropped....
    It is mysterious, and it is good!


Thanks Guys!!